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Personal Memory Manager(c) makes you spin-off from the top in...

Personal Memory Manager(c) makes you spin-off from the top in 3D: manage your knowledge and ideas in multiple perspectives. Create or import your notes into PMM and map them out like sticky or yellow notes on many whiteboards.

You model and construct one essential "body of knowledge" representing your mind. From any bit you can recollect and visualize the whole information architecture surrounding it as context and improve on or learn from it!

Creativity in memory management tasks involves using the past and memories thereof, even the most recent past. In fact, while you unfold your ideas and wait for the really creative moment, when everything gets a finishing touch, you must keep in touch with all recollections and be able to move them around in your head: put what was at the bottom on top, throw out what you don't need right now, reshuffle and apply new organizational principles and so on.

PMM Personal Memory Manager(c) was created to help you manage that. Normally you have that magical moment when everything falls into place after looking at things from all sides or sleeping over it, evaluating all possible points of view, trying out several statements.

Then, if you have a synthetic mind, you start all over, either because you did like the end result very much, or did not like it one bit! ! That is, if you put your analytical mind aside for a moment.

But what does that mean for all the knowledge you brought in, all the information you recollected and all data from your personal experience?

Are all these less true? Can they not be reused? Of course they can be reused and you will reuse them, especially if you like the product of your creative work.

So you feel the need to be able to recall any of these bits and pieces whenever you need them. PMM can hold on to these for you and bring them to the forefront whenever you need them, in context, that is, with all their interrelations, references, linked documents etc.

Most likely you never suspected the information architecture you spontaneously created, behind it. Actually, it is your memory, your knowledge!

Then, that last step of putting in the finishing touch and being really creative, brings in much more and can hold on to much more significant content that you really want to focus on, than when you cannot use PMM in that moment of creation.

Version 6. 0 is a major release. PMM is shareware. Map 10x faster dragging related Notes: Map Notes and Relations Navigate 10x faster clicking related Notes: Navigate a network Print Sheets as on screen (WYSIWYG) Print all Notes on a Sheet Use most recently used files Use improved screen layout Profit from bugs fixed & friendliness improved Links:Website http://www.

PMM Personal Memory Manager


PMM Personal Memory Manager 6